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poetry English-Spanish

poesía f

a poetry/guitar recital in recital English-Spanish

un recital de poesía/guitarra

his poetry doesn't scan in scan English-Spanish

su poesía no se atiene a las reglas de la métrica

she has a gift for poetry in gift English-Spanish

tiene talento para la poesía

a lecture on medieval poetry in on English-Spanish

una conferencia sobre poesía medieval

my field is 20th century poetry in field English-Spanish

mi especialidad es la poesía del siglo XX

his poetry isn't properly appreciated in properly English-Spanish

su poesía no se valora lo suficiente

the book hardly gives Italian poetry a look-in in look-in English-Spanish

el libro apenas hace la referencia a la poesía italiana

they were derisive about o of my attempts at poetry in derisive English-Spanish

se burlaron de mis intentos de hacer poesía

the finer points of poetry are often lost in translation in fine English-Spanish

los matices más sutiles de la poesía a menudo se pierden en la traducción

he goes into ecstasy o BrE also ecstasies over her poetry in ecstasy English-Spanish

se extasia cuando se pone a hablar de su poesía