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police English-Spanish

the police

police dog English-Spanish

perro masculine policía

police van English-Spanish

furgón masculine policial, (coche masculine) celular masculineSpain/España

police chief English-Spanish

jefe, -fa masculine, feminine de policía

police state English-Spanish

estado masculine policía

secret police English-Spanish

policía feminine secreta

police officer English-Spanish

agente masculine and feminine, policía masculine and feminine

police station English-Spanish

comisaría feminine

military police English-Spanish

policía feminine militar

thought police English-Spanish


police constable English-Spanish

agente masculine and feminine

riot police in riot English-Spanish

policía feminine antidisturbios

stop, police! in stop English-Spanish

¡alto, policía!

(police) informer in informer English-Spanish

informante masculine and feminine (de la policía)

open up! police! in open English-Spanish

¡abran! ¡policía!

open up! police! in open up English-Spanish

¡abran! ¡policía!

police inspector in police English-Spanish

inspector, -tora masculine, feminine de policía

police station in station English-Spanish

comisaría feminine

a police cordon in cordon English-Spanish

un cordón policial

the riot police in police English-Spanish

la policía antidisturbios

the police force in police English-Spanish

la policía, las fuerzas del orden público

under police escort in escort English-Spanish

escoltado por la policía, con escolta policial

to ditch the police in ditch English-Spanish

escurrírsele a la policía, escaquearse de la policía

police cleared the area in clear English-Spanish

la policía evacuó la zona

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