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proportion English-Spanish

parte feminine, porcentaje masculine

in inverse proportion/relation to sth in inverse English-Spanish

en proporción/relación inversa a algo

it's been blown up out of all proportion in blow English-Spanish

lo han sacado totalmente de quicio

pressure and volume are in inverse proportion in inverse English-Spanish

la presión y el volumen son inversamente proporcionales

a large o high proportion of the voters in proportion English-Spanish

gran parte de los votantes, un gran porcentaje de los votantes

mix them in the proportion four to three in proportion English-Spanish

mézclelos en una proporción de cuatro partes por cada tres

to vary in direct/inverse proportion with sth in proportion English-Spanish

variar* en proporción directa/inversa a algo

the head isn't in proportion to the body in proportion English-Spanish

la cabeza no está (bien) proporcionada

his salary is out of all proportion to his talent in proportion English-Spanish

su sueldo no guarda proporción con su talento