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sad English-Spanish


SAD English-Spanish


sad sack English-Spanish

inútil mf

how sad! in sad English-Spanish

¡qué pena!

sad to say in sad English-Spanish

desgraciadamente, lamentablemente

it's sad really in really English-Spanish

la verdad es que es una lástima

a sad spectacle in spectacle English-Spanish

un triste espectáculo

that made me sad in make English-Spanish

eso me entristeció

he has blue/sad eyes in eye English-Spanish

tiene los ojos azules/tristes

we've had some sad news in news English-Spanish

hemos recibido una triste noticia

the sad fact is that … in sad English-Spanish

la triste realidad es que …

he felt inexplicably sad/happy in inexplicably English-Spanish

sentía una tristeza/alegría inexplicable

she smiled a sad/bitter smile in smile English-Spanish

sonrió tristemente/amargamente

the man next door's a sad case in case English-Spanish

el del vecino es un caso digno de lástima

to bid sb a sad/fond farewell in farewell English-Spanish

despedirse* de algn con tristeza/cariño

the evening ended on a sad note in note English-Spanish

la velada terminó con una nota triste

it's a very sad state of affairs in sad English-Spanish

es una situación lamentable

he made a rather sad attempt at a joke in sad English-Spanish

quiso hacer un chiste y le salió mal

I was very sad at the news of his death in sad English-Spanish

la noticia de su muerte me entristeció

he made a sad mistake when he married her in sad English-Spanish

cometió un error lamentable al casarse con ella

it's a sad reflection on human nature that nobody would help him in reflection English-Spanish

que nadie lo ayudara no dice mucho a favor de la humanidad