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smell English-Spanish

olor masculine

smell out English-Spanish


smell up English-Spanish

(hacer*) apestar, dejar hediondo

smell up English-Spanish

(hacer*) apestar, dejar hediondo

smell out English-Spanish


to smell a rat in rat English-Spanish

oler(se)* algo sospechoso

to smell rank in rank English-Spanish

oler* muy mal, apestar colloquial/familiar

to smell danger in smell English-Spanish

olfatear el peligro

a musky smell in musky English-Spanish

un olor a almizcle

a nice smell in smell English-Spanish

un olor agradable

a burning smell in burn English-Spanish

un olor a quemado

his feet smell in smell English-Spanish

le huelen los pies

I could smell a rat in rat English-Spanish

(me) olí algo sospechoso, me olió a gato encerrado

we could smell burning in smell English-Spanish

olía a quemado, había olor a quemado

they smell of money in smell English-Spanish

están forrados (de dinero), están podridos en plata

a keen sense of smell in keen English-Spanish

un agudo sentido del olfato

these roses have no smell in smell English-Spanish

estas rosas no tienen perfume

this wonderful woodsy smell in woodsy English-Spanish

este maravilloso olor a bosque

the sense of hearing/smell/taste/touch in sense English-Spanish

el (sentido del) oído/olfato/gusto/tacto

a keen/good sense of smell in smell English-Spanish

un fino/buen (sentido del) olfato

a strong smell of decomposing fish in decompose English-Spanish

un fuerte olor a pescado en descomposición

the smell keeps the mosquitoes off in keep English-Spanish

el olor repele a los mosquitos

I can smell freshly baked bread in smell English-Spanish

hay olor a pan recién hecho, huele a pan recién hecho, siento olor a pan recién hecho

she can smell trouble a mile off in smell English-Spanish

se huele los problemas desde lejos

I can't smell: I've got a cold in smell English-Spanish

no huelo nada, estoy resfriado

there's a smell of defeat in the air in smell English-Spanish

el derrotismo se respira en el aire

to have o take a smell at o of sth in smell English-Spanish

oler* algo, tomarle el olor a algo Latin America/América Latina

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