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soy English-Spanish

soya feminineLatin America/América Latina, soja feminineSpain/España

soy Spanish-English

→ ser1

no soy/es zurdo in zurdo Spanish-English

I'm/he's not stupid, I'm/he's no fool

soy/eres mano in mano Spanish-English

it's my/your lead

soy/sos el último orejón del tarro in orejón Spanish-English

I'm/you're nobody, I/you don't count for anything

soy muy meona in meón Spanish-English

I'm always having to go for a pee, I have a weak bladder

no soy/no es de piedra in piedra Spanish-English

I'm/he's only human, I'm not/he's not made of stone

soy muy puntual in puntual Spanish-English

I am very punctual, I am always on time

no soy de aquí in aquí Spanish-English

I'm not from these parts

soy muy cafesero in cafesero Spanish-English

I love coffee, I'm a real coffee addict

soy muy cafetero in cafetero Spanish-English

I'm a real coffee addict, I love coffee

soy muy mañanero in mañanero Spanish-English

I'm a very early riser

soy buen fisonomista in fisonomista Spanish-English

I have a good memory for faces, I never forget a face

soy parte interesada in parte Spanish-English

I'm an interested party

soy peluquera/abogada in ser Spanish-English

I'm a hairdresser/a lawyer

¿quién es? — soy yo in yo Spanish-English

who is it? — it's me

no soy muy ahorradora in ahorrador Spanish-English

I'm not very good at saving (money)

aquí el jefe soy yo in jefe Spanish-English

the boss here, in charge here

no soy muy madrugador in madrugador Spanish-English

I'm not an early riser, I don't usually get up very early

ábreme, soy Mariano/yo in ser Spanish-English

open the door, it's Mariano/it's me

soy de efectos retardados in efecto Spanish-English

I'm a bit slow on the uptake

soy lego en la materia in lego Spanish-English

I know nothing at all about

no soy un animal político in animal Spanish-English

I'm not a political animal

no soy escaparate de nadie in escaparate Spanish-English

I'm sick of everyone coming to me with their problems

soy fatal para este juego in fatal Spanish-English

I'm very unlucky at this game

soy ignorante en el tema in ignorante Spanish-English

I don't know a thing about the subject

soy íntimo de la familia in íntimo Spanish-English

I'm a close friend of the family

soy novicio en el oficio in novicio Spanish-English

I'm new to the job, I've only just started the job

el paganini siempre soy yo in paganini Spanish-English

I always end up paying for everything, I always end up footing the bill

soy pierna para casi todo in pierna Spanish-English

I’m ready for just about anything

soy profano en la materia in profano Spanish-English

I'm not an expert on the subject

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