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take English-Spanish


take-up English-Spanish

grants are available, but take-up has been low

take-out English-Spanish

para llevar

double-take English-Spanish

to do a double-take

give-and-take English-Spanish

concesiones, toma y daca m

take for English-Spanish

tomar por

take in English-Spanish


take off English-Spanish

quitar, sacar*

take on English-Spanish


take to English-Spanish

he didn't take to life in the country

take up English-Spanish

tomar, agarrar esp AmL, coger* esp Esp

take aback English-Spanish

sorprender, desconcertar*

take after English-Spanish

salir* a, parecerse* a

take apart English-Spanish


take aside English-Spanish

llevar aparte

take away English-Spanish


take back English-Spanish


take from English-Spanish

the town takes its name from …

take home English-Spanish

she takes home less than £600

take over English-Spanish

when the Democrats took over

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