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the joke's on her/me/them in joke English-Spanish

le/me/les salió el tiro por la culata

it's all the same to me/you/them in same English-Spanish

me/te/les da lo mismo, me/te/les da igual

each one of us/them in each English-Spanish

cada uno de nosotros/ellos

most of us/them in most English-Spanish

la mayoría de nosotros/ellos

sod them/him! in sod English-Spanish

¡que se vayan/vaya a la mierda!

for/with them in them English-Spanish

para/con ellos/ellas

some mothers do have them in mother English-Spanish

¡hay cada idiota suelto por el mundo!

keep them apart in apart English-Spanish

manténgalos separados

balls to them! in ball English-Spanish

¡que se vayan a la mierda!

that'll slay them! in slay English-Spanish

¡se van a desternillar

she likes them tall in like English-Spanish

le gustan (los hombres) altos

six of them survived in of English-Spanish

seis de ellos sobrevivieron

teach them who's boss in teach English-Spanish

demuéstrales quién manda

he'll have no truck with it/them in truck English-Spanish

no quiere saber nada del asunto/de ellos

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