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throat English-Spanish

garganta feminine

strep throat English-Spanish

to have strep throat

a lump in one's throat in lump English-Spanish

un nudo en la garganta

to jump down sb's throat in throat English-Spanish

echársele encima a algn, arremeter contra algn

throat pastilles in pastille English-Spanish

pastillas para la garganta

to slit sb's throat in slit English-Spanish

degollar* a algn, cortarle el pescuezo a algn

to have strep throat in strep throat English-Spanish

tener* una inflamación de garganta

a throat infection in infection English-Spanish

una infección de garganta

to clear one's throat in throat English-Spanish

aclararse la voz, carraspear

I have a sore throat in throat English-Spanish

me duele la garganta, tengo dolor de garganta

ear, nose and throat department in ear English-Spanish

el departamento de otorrinolaringología

the bone lodged in her throat in lodge English-Spanish

el hueso se le quedó atragantado

it's good for a sore throat in sore English-Spanish

es bueno para el dolor de garganta

the dog sprang at his throat in spring English-Spanish

el perro se le tiró al cuello

the words stuck in my throat in stick English-Spanish

no me salían las palabras, no pude articular palabra

his hands closed around my throat in close English-Spanish

me rodeó el cuello con las manos

my throat feels much easier now in easy English-Spanish

me duele mucho menos la garganta ahora

he's got a headache/sore throat in have English-Spanish

le duele la cabeza/la garganta, tiene dolor de cabeza/garganta

he felt a lump in his throat in lump English-Spanish

se le hizo un nudo en la garganta

I have a tickle in my throat in tickle English-Spanish

tengo un picor en la garganta, me pica la garganta

the male's throat is marked with two white bars in mark English-Spanish

el macho tiene dos franjas blancas en el cuello