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time English-Spanish

tiempo masculine

time in time English-Spanish

tiempo masculine

time in timar Spanish-English

to swindle, cheat, rip … off

timé in timar Spanish-English

to swindle, cheat, rip … off

all-time English-Spanish

sin precedentes

big time English-Spanish

the big time

full-time English-Spanish

de tiempo completo

part-time English-Spanish

de medio tiempo, a tiempo parcial

real time English-Spanish

tiempo masculine real

time fuse English-Spanish

espoleta feminine de tiempo

time lock English-Spanish

cerradura feminine horaria de bloqueo

time out English-Spanish

(tiempo masculine de) descanso masculine

time span English-Spanish

espacio, periodo

time zone English-Spanish

huso masculine horario, zona feminine horaria

two-time English-Spanish

ponerle, engañar, ponerle el gorro a

duple time English-Spanish

doble tiempo

extra time English-Spanish

prórroga feminine, tiempo masculine suplementario, tiempos masculine plural extra Mexico

first-time English-Spanish

primerizo, novato

small-time English-Spanish

de poca monta

space-time English-Spanish

espacio-tiempo masculine

spare time English-Spanish

tiempo masculine libre

time check English-Spanish


time clock English-Spanish

reloj masculine registrador, reloj masculine checador Mexico

time frame English-Spanish

marco, marco

time limit English-Spanish

plazo masculine

time-server English-Spanish

oportunista masculine and feminine

time sheet English-Spanish

hoja, planilla

time signal English-Spanish

señal feminine horaria

time-stamp English-Spanish

sello masculine de tiempo

time switch English-Spanish

temporizador masculine

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