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towel English-Spanish

toalla feminine

tea towel English-Spanish

paño masculine de cocina, repasador masculineRiver Plate area/Río de la Plata

towel rack English-Spanish

toallero masculine

towel ring English-Spanish

toallero masculinede aro

sanitary towel in sanitary napkin English-Spanish

compresa feminine, paño masculine higiénico

hand/bath towel in towel English-Spanish

toalla de manos/baño

rub your hair dry with this towel in rub English-Spanish

sécate el pelo con esta toalla

to towel sb/oneself down o off in towel English-Spanish

secar* a algn/secarse* con una toalla

she rubbed her hair dry with a towel in dry English-Spanish

se secó el pelo con una toalla

she shook the sand out of the towel in shake English-Spanish

sacudió la toalla para quitarle la arena