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transfer English-Spanish


transfer Spanish

Permiso de traspaso de un deportista a un equipo de otro país:

bank transfer English-Spanish

transferencia feminine bancaria

transfer fee English-Spanish

traspaso masculine

transfer orbit English-Spanish

órbita feminine de transferencia

technology transfer English-Spanish

transferencia feminine de tecnología

the club's latest transfer in transfer English-Spanish

el último fichaje del club

to open/close/transfer an account in account English-Spanish

abrir*/cerrar*/transferir* una cuenta

he's a transfer from another branch in transfer English-Spanish

lo han trasladado de otra sucursal

transfer the meat to a serving dish in transfer English-Spanish

pase la carne a una fuente, coloque la carne en una fuente

their best player has asked for a transfer in transfer English-Spanish

su mejor jugador ha pedido el traspaso

arrangements for the transfer of funds should be made two weeks in advance in arrangement English-Spanish

la transferencia de fondos debe solicitarse con dos semanas de anticipación

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