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trouble English-Spanish


trouble-free English-Spanish

sin problemas

trouble-torn English-Spanish

sacudido por conflictos

woman trouble English-Spanish

problemas, molestias

to trouble to + inf English-Spanish

molestarse, tomarse el trabajo

it's no trouble in no English-Spanish

no es ningún problema

rafts of trouble in raft English-Spanish

montones, la tira de problemas

the trouble is … in trouble English-Spanish

lo que pasa es que …, el problema es que …

to cause trouble in trouble English-Spanish

causar problemas, armar líos

that means trouble in mean English-Spanish

eso quiere decir que va a haber problemas

that's the trouble in trouble English-Spanish

ese es el problema, eso es lo que pasa

please don't trouble! in trouble English-Spanish

¡no te molestes, por favor!

to have engine trouble in engine English-Spanish

tener* problemas con el motor

you're inviting trouble in invite English-Spanish

te estás buscando problemas

she's up to her neck in work/trouble in neck English-Spanish

está hasta aquí de trabajo/problemas

family/financial trouble in trouble English-Spanish

problemas familiares/económicos

to be in deep trouble in deep English-Spanish

estar* en un serio apuro

this could mean trouble in trouble English-Spanish

puede que esto traiga cola

to get sb into trouble in trouble English-Spanish

meter a algn en problemas

don't go to any trouble in trouble English-Spanish

no te compliques demasiado

try to prevent any trouble in any English-Spanish

trata de evitar cualquier problema

if you're ever in trouble … in trouble English-Spanish

si alguna vez estás en apuros …

don't let it trouble you in trouble English-Spanish

no te preocupes (por eso)

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