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Afro British & World English

A hairstyle consisting of a mass of very tight curls that stick out all round the head, like the natural hair of some black people

Afro- British & World English

African; African and ...

Afro-American British & World English

Another term for African American.

Afro-Asiatic British & World English

Relating to or denoting a family of languages spoken in the Middle East and North Africa. They can be divided into five groups: Semitic, Omotic, Berber, Cushitic, and Chadic. Ancient Egyptian was also a member of this family

Afro-Caribbean British & World English

A person of African descent living in or coming from the Caribbean

Afrobeat British & World English

A style of popular music incorporating elements of African music and jazz, soul, and funk

Afrocentric British & World English

Regarding African or black culture as pre-eminent