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American British & World English

Relating to or characteristic of the United States or its inhabitants

un-American British & World English

Not in accordance with American characteristics

Afro-American British & World English

Another term for African American.

all-American British & World English

Possessing qualities characteristic of US ideals, such as honesty, industriousness, and health

American aloe British & World English

Another term for century plant.

American plan British & World English

North American term for full board.

anti-American British & World English

Hostile to the interests of the United States

non-American British & World English

Of a nationality other than American

pan-American British & World English

Relating to, representing, or involving all the countries of North and South America

ugly American British & World English

An American who behaves offensively when abroad

American cheese British & World English

A type of mild-flavored semisoft processed cheese

American Gothic British & World English

A noted 1930 painting by Grant Wood (1891–1942), depicting a dour-faced farmer and his daughter in front of their house, with a Gothic-style window in the background. It is representative of traditional American rural values, and is widely copied and parodied

American Indian British & World English

A member of any of the groups of indigenous peoples of North, Central, and South America, especially those of North America

American League British & World English

One of the two major leagues in American professional baseball

American Legion British & World English

(In the US) an association of ex-servicemen formed in 1919

American organ British & World English

A type of reed organ resembling the harmonium but in which air is sucked (not blown) through reeds

American Party British & World English

A conservative US political party

American River British & World English

A river in north central California that joins the Sacramento River at Sacramento. Gold was discovered here in 1848, setting off the California gold rush

American Samoa British & World English

An unincorporated overseas territory of the US comprising a group of islands in the southern Pacific Ocean, to the east of Samoa and south of the Kiribati group; population 65,600 (est. 2009); capital, Fagatogo. In 1899 the US acquired rights to the islands by agreement with Germany and Britain, and in April 1900 the two main islands were ceded to the US by their chiefs. Further islands were handed over in succeeding years

Asian American British & World English

An American who is of Asian (chiefly East Asian) descent

Native American British & World English

A member of any of the indigenous peoples of North and South America and the Caribbean Islands

American crocodile British & World English

A crocodile with a long tapering head, occurring from southernmost Florida to Ecuador

American English British & World English

The English language as spoken and written in the US

American football British & World English

A kind of football played with an oval ball on a field marked out as a gridiron. Points are scored mainly through touchdowns and field goals. Each side has eleven players on the field at any time

General American British & World English

(In non-technical use) the variety of English spoken in the greater part of the US, particularly with reference to the lack of regional characteristics

Hispanic American British & World English

A US citizen or resident of Hispanic descent

Italian American British & World English

An American who is of Italian descent

Spanish American British & World English

A native or inhabitant of the Spanish-speaking countries of Central and South America

the American dream British & World English

The ideal by which equality of opportunity is available to any American, allowing the highest aspirations and goals to be achieved

American Civil War British & World English

The war between the northern US states (usually known as the Union) and the Confederate States of America, 1861-5

American Revolution British & World English

US and Canadian term for American Independence, War of.

hyphenated American British & World English

An American citizen who can trace their ancestry to another part of the world, such as an African American (so called because terms such as African American are often written with a hyphen)

American Saddle Horse British & World English

A light, strong horse of a breed developed in America to be comfortable to ride over long distances

Pan-American Highway British & World English

A road system initiated in the 1920s to link nations of the western hemisphere from Alaska to Chile. Gaps remain in Panama and Colombia. The Inter-American Highway is the section from the Texas-Mexico border south to Panama City

Spanish-American War British & World English

A war between Spain and the United States in the Caribbean and the Philippines in 1898. American public opinion having been aroused by alleged Spanish atrocities in Cuba and the destruction of the warship Maine in Havana harbour, the US declared war and successfully invaded Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines, all of which Spain gave up by the Treaty of Paris (1898)

American Sign Language British & World English

A form of sign language developed in the US and used also in English-speaking parts of Canada

North American English British & World English

The English language as spoken and written in Canada and the US

American depositary receipt British & World English

(In the US) a negotiable certificate of title to a number of shares in a non-US company which are deposited in an overseas bank

American Standard Version British & World English

An English translation of the Bible published in the US in 1901, based on the Revised Version of 1881–95 with additional work by American scholars

American Federation of Labor British & World English

A federation of North American trade unions, merged in 1955 with the Congress of Industrial Organizations to form the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO)

American Independence, War of British & World English

The war of 1775–83 in which the American colonists won independence from British rule

as American as apple pie British & World English

Typically American in character

Organization of American States British & World English

An association including most of the countries of North and South America, originally founded in 1890 for largely commercial purposes. From 1948 it has aimed to work for peace and prosperity in the region and to uphold the sovereignty of member nations. Its headquarters are in Washington DC

Daughters of the American Revolution British & World English

(In the US) a patriotic society whose aims include encouraging education and the study of US history and which tends to be politically conservative. Membership is limited to female descendants of those who aided the cause of independence

House Un-American Activities Committee British & World English

A committee of the US House of Representatives established in 1938 to investigate subversives. It became notorious for its zealous investigations of alleged communists, particularly in the late 1940s, although it was originally intended to pursue Fascists also

North American Free Trade Agreement British & World English

An agreement which came into effect in January 1994 between the US, Canada, and Mexico to remove barriers to trade between the three countries over a ten-year period

Organization of Central American States British & World English

An association of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Costa Rica founded in 1951 for economic and political cooperation

all-America in all-American British & World English

A sports player honoured as one of the best amateurs in the US

elm British & World English

A tall deciduous tree which typically has rough serrated leaves and propagates from root suckers

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