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Americana British & World English

Things associated with America, especially the United States

Pax Americana British & World English

A state of relative international peace regarded as overseen by the US (or the UK)

S. americana in mountain ash British & World English

A small deciduous tree of the rose family, with compound leaves, white flowers, and red berries

A. americana in wigeon British & World English

A dabbling duck with mainly reddish-brown and grey plumage, the male having a whistling call

M. americana in wood ibis British & World English

A stork with a slightly downcurved bill and a bare face or head, found in America and Africa

Persea americana in avocado British & World English

The tropical evergreen tree which bears the avocado fruit, native to Central America and widely cultivated elsewhere

Tilia americana in basswood British & World English

A North American lime tree with large leaves, commonly planted as a street tree in the US

Agave americana in century plant British & World English

A large stemless agave with long spiny leaves, which produces a very tall flowering stem after many years of growth and then dies

Spiza americana in dickcissel British & World English

A sparrow-like North American songbird related to the cardinals, with a black-and-white throat and bright yellow breast

Genipa americana in genipapo British & World English

A tropical American tree whose fruit has a jelly-like pulp which is used for flavouring drinks and to make a black dye

Mammea americana in mammee British & World English

A tropical American tree having large edible red fruit with sweet yellow flesh

Vicia americana in peavine British & World English

A North American meadow vetch

Aythya americana in redhead British & World English

A North American diving duck with a reddish-brown head, related to and resembling the pochard

Rhea americana in rhea British & World English

A large flightless bird of South American grasslands, resembling a small ostrich with greyish-brown plumage

Grus americana in whooping crane British & World English

A large mainly white crane with a trumpeting call, breeding in central Canada and now endangered

Certhia americana in creeper British & World English

Any of a number of small birds that creep around in trees or vegetation:

Ximenia americana in hog plum British & World English

A tropical tree which bears edible plum-like fruit, in particular:

Periplaneta americana in cockroach British & World English

A beetle-like scavenging insect with long antennae and legs. Several tropical kinds have become established worldwide as household pests

Phytolacca americana in pokeweed British & World English

A North American plant with red stems, spikes of cream flowers, and purple berries

Antilocapra americana in pronghorn British & World English

A deer-like North American mammal with a stocky body, long slim legs, and black horns that are shed and regrown annually

Conopholis americana in squawroot British & World English

Either of two North American plants:

Malacosoma americana in tent caterpillar British & World English

A chiefly American moth caterpillar that lives in groups inside communal silken webs in a tree, which it often defoliates