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Barrow British & World English

A city in north central Alaska, a commercial center on the Arctic Ocean. It is the northernmost US city; population 4,010 (est. 2008). Nearby Point Barrow is the northernmost point in the US

barrow1 British & World English

A two-wheeled handcart used especially by street vendors

barrow2 British & World English

An ancient burial mound

barrow3 British & World English

A male pig castrated before maturity

Barrow, Clyde British & World English

(1909–34), US bank robber and murderer. He and his partner, Bonnie Parker, shot and killed at least thirteen people during a notorious two-year crime spree across the Southwest. They were finally stopped and shot to death at a Louisiana roadblock

disc barrow British & World English

A tumulus typically consisting of one or more small, low, round mounds set within a circular or oval ditched enclosure.

pond-barrow British & World English

A prehistoric burial place marked by a circular depression in the ground with a raised perimeter, rather than a mound.

barrow boy British & World English

A boy or man who sells wares from a barrow in the street

ridge barrow British & World English

A long, parallel-sided mound of earth and stone erected for the storage of ceremonial or funerary materials.

round barrow British & World English

A prehistoric burial mound of roughly hemispherical form, usually of earth in contrast to a cairn built of stones.

handbarrow British & World English

A rectangular frame with poles at each end for being carried by two people

Joseph Louis Barrow in Louis, Joe British & World English

(1914–81), American boxer; born Joseph Louis Barrow; known as the Brown Bomber. He was heavyweight champion of the world 1937–49, defending his title twenty-five times during that period