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Bermuda British & World English

A group of about 150 small islands off the coast of North Carolina; population 67,800 (est. 2009); official language, English; capital, Hamilton. It is a British overseas territory with full internal self-government

Bermuda rig British & World English

A fore-and-aft yachting rig with a tall tapering mainsail

Bermuda grass British & World English

A creeping grass common in warmer parts of the world, used for lawns and pasture

Bermuda High British & World English

A semipermanent area of high pressure located over Bermuda in summer and fall that steers many storm systems westward across the Atlantic

Bermuda onion British & World English

A variety of cultivated onion with a mild flavor and a flattened shape

Bermuda Hundred British & World English

A locality southeast of Richmond in Virginia, the site of an 1864 Civil War battle

Bermuda shorts British & World English

Casual knee-length shorts

Bermuda Triangle British & World English

An area of the western Atlantic Ocean where a large number of ships and aircraft are said to have mysteriously disappeared