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Blood British & World English

A member of a North American Indian people belonging to the Blackfoot Confederacy

blood British & World English

The red liquid that circulates in the arteries and veins of humans and other vertebrate animals, carrying oxygen to and carbon dioxide from the tissues of the body

what's bred in the bone will come out in the flesh British & World English

A person’s behaviour or characteristics are determined by their heredity

blood English Thesaurus

there was blood streaming from a wound in his head

blood bay British & World English

(Of a horse) of a deep reddish bay colour.

blood gas British & World English

A gas present in the blood, especially oxygen or carbon dioxide; (a determination of) the concentration of gases in the blood; frequently attributive.

blood-raw British & World English

(Of meat) so lightly cooked that the blood remains red and liquid.

blood tax British & World English

A tax paid by the shedding of blood; specifically (a derogatory term for) military conscription.

blood-tub British & World English

A tub containing, or designed to contain blood; especially a tub employed in a slaughterhouse to hold the blood of slaughtered animals. Now also in extended use.

red-blood British & World English

Filled with or characterized by spirit and vigour; instinctive; earthy.

new blood British & World English

New members admitted to a group, especially as an invigorating force

agore-blood British & World English

In predicative use: covered with clotted blood or gore; bloody.

blood agar British & World English

An agar-based culture medium containing blood.

blood alley British & World English

(In marbles) an alley which has red or pink markings.

blood band British & World English

A ligature or bandage used to stop bleeding.

blood-beet British & World English

The red beetroot.

blood boat British & World English

Naut. slang. A ship said to be commanded by brutal officers.

blood-book British & World English

German History a book in which the names and confessions of criminals convicted of capital offences were recorded.

blood chit British & World English

Military slang. A message carried by aircraft (also occasionally military) personnel, designed to protect them from harm if stranded in hostile territory, typically by offering a reward to local people for helping the service personnel to survive, or to return to their own lines unharmed. Also called gooly chit (British).

blood clot British & World English

A gelatinous or semisolid mass of coagulated blood

blood coral British & World English

Precious red coral, Corallium nobile, especially as used to make jewellery.

blood drive British & World English

A campaign to encourage blood donation.

blood dust British & World English

Tiny refractile particles present in blood (probably fragments of red blood cells).

blood-eagle British & World English

A method of torture and execution described in Old Icelandic literature, in which the ribs are cut away from the spine and spread into the shape of wings.

blood feast British & World English

An occasion of extended or unrestrained violence and bloodshed; a war or massacre.

blood-fine British & World English

A fine paid as whole or part compensation for murder.

blood gill British & World English

(In some invertebrates) a diverticulum of the body wall containing a blood-filled space but few or no tracheae, through which gases or ions may pass to or from the surrounding medium; especially such a structure in the aquatic larvae of certain insects (e.g. chironomid midges), originally supposed to be a respiratory organ but now thought to be concerned mainly with osmoregulation; usually in plural.

blood-gout British & World English

A drop or stream of blood.

blood iron British & World English

The iron contained in the blood; specifically the concentration of this (mainly in haemoglobin in the red blood cells).

blood issue British & World English

A descendant related to one by birth; = issue.

blood-like British & World English

Resembling or suggestive of blood.

blood lily British & World English

Any of several red-flowered bulbous plants of or formerly included in the southern African genus Haemanthus (family Amaryllidaceae); especially H. coccineus and H. sanguinea, both commonly grown as ornamentals.

blood mare British & World English

A mare of good stock or breed, especially a thoroughbred.

blood peach British & World English

Any of several varieties of peach having deep red flesh; especially = Indian peach.

blood plum British & World English

The edible red fruit of a tropical West African tree, Haematostaphis barteri (family Anacardiaceae).

blood pride British & World English

Pride in one's lineage, nationality or race; compare sense 7a.

blood pump British & World English

A structure or artificial device that pumps blood.

blood purge British & World English

A treatment which purifies the blood.

blood rain British & World English

Rain that is reddish in colour, especially because of suspended dust or (less commonly) green algae containing red carotenoid pigments; (formerly also) †such an alga itself (obsolete).

blood-ripe British & World English

(Of fruit) that is so ripe that the juice has become blood-coloured.

blood spoor British & World English

A track or trail of blood.

blood tale British & World English

A tale involving bloodshed and violence; specifically a cheaply published story of a sensational kind (now historical).

blood tree British & World English

Australian = bloodwood.

blood urea British & World English

The concentration of urea in the blood.

blood-vein British & World English

A cream-coloured European geometrid moth, Timandra comae, having a continuous reddish band across both the fore- and hindwings.

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