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Bounty British & World English

A ship of the British navy on which in 1789 part of the crew, led by Fletcher Christian, mutinied against their commander, William Bligh, and set him adrift in an open boat with eighteen companions

bounty British & World English

A sum paid for killing or capturing a person or animal

bounty English Thesaurus

the cartel's leader paid a bounty for each policeman killed

bounty hunter British & World English

A person who pursues a criminal for whom a reward is offered

King's bounty British & World English

(In the UK) a sum of money given from royal funds to a mother who had had a multiple birth of three or more

Queen's bounty British & World English

In the reign of a queen, the term for King's bounty.

Queen Anne's Bounty British & World English

Duties called ‘first fruits and tenths’, payable originally to the Pope but made payable to the Crown by Henry VIII, and directed by Queen Anne in 1704 to be used to augment the livings of the poorer clergy