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British British & World English

Relating to Great Britain or the United Kingdom, or to its people or language

British gum British & World English

A form of dextrin prepared by roasting starch.

British oil British & World English

(Originally) liquid petroleum, used as a remedy for various disorders; (later also) any of several medicinal preparations of varying composition but usually including liquid petroleum.

Black British British & World English

(With plural concord) British people of black (or non-white) ethnic origin, identified as a distinct social and cultural group.

British Asian British & World English

Designating a person of South Asian origin or descent who holds a British passport (or the right to one) and is (or was) a resident of a former British colony in East Africa; of or relating to such people collectively.

British Blue British & World English

A variety or breed of British Shorthair cat with a steel-grey coat; a cat of this variety or breed.

British peace British & World English

A state or period of relative peace in the countries of the former British Empire, seen as resulting from the British presence and administration.

British plate British & World English

A type of silver-plated metal similar to Sheffield plate, but in which the silver is fused on a nickel alloy.

British Rail British & World English

(The name of) the national railway system of Great Britain or its management company, privatized under the Railways Act of 1993.

British White British & World English

(Also British White cattle) any of various old breeds of white cattle kept in the British Isles; (now) specifically a breed of polled white cattle with black points; an animal of this breed.

Great British British & World English

Of or relating to Great Britain or its inhabitants.

North British British & World English

Scottish (now archaic and historical). Also more generally: belonging or relating to the northern part of the United Kingdom.

Welsh British British & World English

Historical. With the: Welsh Britons, considered collectively; = Welsh.

West British British & World English

Of, relating to, or originating in the western part of Great Britain, especially Wales or Cornwall; specifically (historical) of or relating to the Brittonic-speaking peoples inhabiting Great Britain, as distinguished from the Anglo-Saxons.

anti-British British & World English

Hostile to the interests of Britain or the United Kingdom

British India British & World English

That part of the Indian subcontinent administered by the British from 1765, when the East India Company acquired control over Bengal, until 1947, when India became independent and Pakistan was created. By 1850 British India was coterminous with India’s boundaries in the west and north and by 1885 it included Burma in the east. The period of British rule was known as the Raj

British Isles British & World English

A group of islands lying off the coast of NW Europe, from which they are separated by the North Sea and the English Channel. They include Britain, Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Hebrides, the Orkney Islands, the Shetland Islands, the Scilly Isles, and the Channel Islands

British warm British & World English

A short, thick military overcoat or duffel coat

British Bulldog British & World English

The bulldog, regarded as a quintessentially British breed and used to symbolize a spirit of courage and tenacity thought characteristic of the British; (hence) a courageous or tenacious British person.

British Celtic British & World English

Any of the Celtic languages spoken in early Britain or their modern descendants; (later) specifically those of the P-Celtic group.

British-Israel British & World English

British Jews collectively.

British school British & World English

A non-denominational elementary school of a type founded by the British and Foreign School Society (formed in 1814) and run according to the educationalist Joseph Lancaster's system of using older pupils to help teach younger children.

British Academy British & World English

An institution founded in 1901 for the promotion of historical, philosophical, and philological studies

British Council British & World English

An organization established in 1934 with the aims of promoting a wider knowledge of Britain and the English language abroad, and of developing closer cultural relations with other countries

British Empire British & World English

A former empire consisting of Great Britain and its possessions, dominions, and dependencies

British English British & World English

English as used in Great Britain, as distinct from that used elsewhere

British Legion British & World English

Short for Royal British Legion.

British Library British & World English

The national library of Britain, containing the former library departments of the British Museum. The principal copyright library, it was established separately from the British Museum in 1972, and moved to a new headquarters in 1998

British Museum British & World English

A national museum of antiquities in London. Established with public funds in 1753, it includes among its holdings the Magna Carta, the Elgin Marbles, and the Rosetta Stone

British colonial British & World English

A postage stamp issued for use in a (former) British colony; usually in plural.

British Railways British & World English

(The name of) the national railway system of Great Britain or its management company, later called British Rail.

British Restaurant British & World English

Any of a number of government-subsidized restaurants opened in Britain during and after the Second World War (1939–45).

British Shorthair British & World English

An old British breed of domestic short-haired cat, which is relatively large, with a sturdy build, round face, and plush coat; a cat of this breed.

British Columbia British & World English

A province on the west coast of Canada; population 4,113,487 (2006); capital, Victoria. Formed in 1866 by the union of Vancouver Island (a former British colony) and the mainland area, then called New Caledonia, the province includes the Queen Charlotte Islands

British Honduras British & World English

Former name (until 1973) for Belize.

British Somaliland British & World English

A former British protectorate established on the Somali coast of East Africa in 1884. In 1960 it united with former Italian territory to form the independent republic of Somalia

British Standard British & World English

The specification of recommended procedure, quality of output, terminology, and other details, in a particular field, drawn up and published by the British Standards Institution

British Black English British & World English

A modified form of Jamaican Creole spoken by some black British people of Caribbean descent.

British Empire Games British & World English

(The original name for) the Commonwealth Games.

British Empire Medal British & World English

A British medal awarded for civil or military service, instituted in 1917 by Edward VII, and affiliated to the Order of the British Empire; abbreviated B.E.M.

British Standard Time British & World English

= Greenwich Mean Time (now disused).

Great British Public British & World English

The people of Great Britain; abbreviated G.B.P.

British Sign Language British & World English

A form of sign language developed in the UK and fundamentally different from American Sign Language

British Summer Time British & World English

Time as advanced one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time for daylight saving in the UK between March and October

British thermal unit British & World English

The amount of heat needed to raise 1 lb of water at maximum density through one degree Fahrenheit, equivalent to 1.055 × 103 joules

Royal British Legion British & World English

(In the UK) an association for the charitable support of former members of the armed forces and their immediate dependants, formed in 1921

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