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British British & World English

Relating to Great Britain or the United Kingdom, or to its people or language

anti-British British & World English

Hostile to the interests of Britain or the United Kingdom

British India British & World English

That part of the Indian subcontinent administered by the British from 1765, when the East India Company acquired control over Bengal, until 1947, when India became independent and Pakistan was created. By 1850 British India was coterminous with India’s boundaries in the west and north and by 1885 it included Burma in the east. The period of British rule was known as the Raj

British Isles British & World English

A group of islands lying off the coast of NW Europe, from which they are separated by the North Sea and the English Channel. They include Britain, Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Hebrides, the Orkney Islands, the Shetland Islands, the Scilly Isles, and the Channel Islands

British warm British & World English

A short, thick military overcoat or duffel coat

British Academy British & World English

An institution founded in 1901 for the promotion of historical, philosophical, and philological studies

British Council British & World English

An organization established in 1934 with the aims of promoting a wider knowledge of Britain and the English language abroad, and of developing closer cultural relations with other countries

British Empire British & World English

A former empire consisting of Great Britain and its possessions, dominions, and dependencies

British English British & World English

English as used in Great Britain, as distinct from that used elsewhere

British Legion British & World English

Short for Royal British Legion.

British Library British & World English

The national library of Britain, containing the former library departments of the British Museum. The principal copyright library, it was established separately from the British Museum in 1972, and moved to a new headquarters in 1998

British Museum British & World English

A national museum of antiquities in London. Established with public funds in 1753, it includes among its holdings the Magna Carta, the Elgin Marbles, and the Rosetta Stone

British Columbia British & World English

A province on the west coast of Canada; population 4,113,487 (2006); capital, Victoria. Formed in 1866 by the union of Vancouver Island (a former British colony) and the mainland area, then called New Caledonia, the province includes the Queen Charlotte Islands

British Honduras British & World English

Former name (until 1973) for Belize.

British Somaliland British & World English

A former British protectorate established on the Somali coast of East Africa in 1884. In 1960 it united with former Italian territory to form the independent republic of Somalia

British Standard British & World English

The specification of recommended procedure, quality of output, terminology, and other details, in a particular field, drawn up and published by the British Standards Institution

British Sign Language British & World English

A form of sign language developed in the UK and fundamentally different from American Sign Language

British Summer Time British & World English

Time as advanced one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time for daylight saving in the UK between March and October

British thermal unit British & World English

The amount of heat needed to raise 1 lb of water at maximum density through one degree Fahrenheit, equivalent to 1.055 × 103 joules

Royal British Legion British & World English

(In the UK) an association for the charitable support of former members of the armed forces and their immediate dependants, formed in 1921

British National Party British & World English

An extreme right-wing political party in Britain supporting racial discrimination and strongly opposing immigration. The party arose in the 1980s as a breakaway group from the National Front

British Antarctic Territory British & World English

That part of Antarctica claimed by Britain. Designated in 1962 from territory that was formerly part of the Falkland Islands Dependencies, it includes some 388,500 sq. km (150,058 sq. miles) of the continent of Antarctica as well as the South Orkney Islands and South Shetland Islands in the South Atlantic

British Expeditionary Force British & World English

A British force made available by the army reform of 1908 for service overseas. Such forces were sent to France in 1914 and 1939

British overseas territory British & World English

A territory that is under the sovereignty of the UK but does not form part of the UK itself, such as Bermuda, Gibraltar, and the Falkland Islands

British Union of Fascists British & World English

An extreme right-wing British political party founded by Sir Oswald Mosley in 1932. It promoted strongly anti-Semitic views and its supporters were known as blackshirts. The party was effectively destroyed by the Public Order Act of 1936

British Broadcasting Corporation British & World English

A public corporation for radio and television broadcasting in Britain

British Empire, Order of the British & World English

See Order of the British Empire.

British Indian Ocean Territory British & World English

A British overseas territory in the Indian Ocean, comprising the Chagos Archipelago and (until 1976) parts of the Seychelles. Ceded to Britain by France in 1814, the islands became a dependency in 1965. There are no permanent inhabitants, but British and US naval personnel occupy the island of Diego Garcia

Order of the British Empire British & World English

(In the UK) an order of knighthood instituted in 1917 and divided into five classes, each with military and civilian divisions. The classes are: Knight or Dame Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire (GBE), Knight or Dame Commander (KBE/DBE), Commander (CBE), Officer (OBE), and Member (MBE). The two highest classes entail the awarding of a knighthood

Confederation of British Industry British & World English

(In the UK) an organization to promote the prosperity of British business

British Lion in lion British & World English

A member of a touring international rugby union team representing the British Isles

Lion in lion British & World English

A member of a touring international rugby union team representing the British Isles

Virgin Islands British & World English

A group of Caribbean islands at the eastern extremity of the Greater Antilles, divided between British and US administration