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Brutus British & World English

A legendary Trojan hero, great-grandson of Aeneas and supposed ancestor of the British people. In medieval legend he was said to have brought a group of Trojans to England and founded Troynovant or New Troy (London)

Brutus, Lucius Junius British & World English

Legendary founder of the Roman Republic. Traditionally he led a popular uprising, after the rape of Lucretia, against the king (his uncle) and drove him from Rome. He and the father of Lucretia were elected as the first consuls of the Republic (509 bc)

Brutus, Marcus Junius British & World English

(85-42 bc), Roman senator. With Cassius he led the conspirators who assassinated Julius Caesar in 44. They were defeated by Caesar’s supporters, Antony and Octavian, at the battle of Philippi in 42, after which Brutus committed suicide