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Computer-aided engineering

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computer-aided engineering

me/le/nos cae gordo in gordo Spanish-English

I/she/we can't stand him

está que se cae de cansancio in caer Spanish-English

she's dead on her feet, she's ready to drop

eso cae dentro de sus obligaciones in caer Spanish-English

that's part of her job, that's one of her duties

no me cae mal, me es indiferente in indiferente Spanish-English

I don't dislike her, I don't really have any feelings one way or the other

Navidad cae en (un) lunes este año in lunes Spanish-English

Christmas Day falls on a Monday this year

me cae or me resulta muy simpático in simpático Spanish-English

I really like him, I think he's really nice

por poco se me cae el armario encima in caer Spanish-English

the wardrobe nearly fell on top of me

devora cuanto libro cae en sus manos in devorar Spanish-English

he devours any book he gets his hands on

con un poco de almidón la tela cae mejor in caer Spanish-English

a little starch makes the fabric hang better

la obra por momentos cae en lo ridículo in caer Spanish-English

at times the play lapses into the ridiculous

no lo soporto, me cae de gordo/de mal … in caer Spanish-English

I can't stand him, he's a real pain

su caso no cae dentro de mi competencia in caer Spanish-English

his case falls outside the scope of my powers

cae ora en la tierra, ora en la roca in ora Spanish-English

it falls now on the soil, now among the stones

cae de lleno dentro de la corriente posmodernista in caer Spanish-English

it fits squarely within the postmodernist style

no me cae bien — di más bien que no lo puedes ver in bien Spanish-English

I don't like him — what you mean is you can't stand the sight of him

el pescado siempre me cae mal — eso es una manía in manía Spanish-English

fish always upsets my stomach — that's just your imagination

ese hombre tiene un no sé qué que me cae mal in saber Spanish-English

there's something about that man I don't like

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