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cam British & World English

A projection on a rotating part in machinery, designed to make sliding contact with another part while rotating and impart reciprocal or variable motion to it

CAM British & World English

Computer-aided manufacturing

CAM New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

computer-aided manufacturing

cam boy British & World English

A boy or man who poses for a webcam

cam girl British & World English

A girl or woman who poses for a webcam

nanny cam British & World English

A webcam or closed-circuit television camera in a private home for parents to monitor their babysitter

twin-cam British & World English

Denoting an engine having two camshafts

cam follower British & World English

The part of a machine in sliding or rolling contact with a rotating cam and given motion by it

Cam Ranh Bay British & World English

An inlet of the South China Sea, in south central Vietnam. It has been a major base for France, Japan, the former Soviet Union, and the US, which had a major installation here during the Vietnam War

camlock British & World English

A fastening mechanism that incorporates a cam or tab that is turned to engage a catch or slot

headcam British & World English

A small video camera attached to a hat or helmet or strapped to the head, used especially to provide video footage from the wearer’s perspective

minicam British & World English

A handheld video camera