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Canada British & World English

The second-largest country in the world, covering the entire northern half of North America with the exception of Alaska; population 33,487,200 (est. 2009); official languages, English and French; capital, Ottawa

Canada jay British & World English

Another term for grey jay.

Canada balsam British & World English

A yellowish resin obtained from the balsam fir and used for mounting preparations on microscope slides

Canada goose British & World English

A common North American goose with a black head and neck, a white chinstrap, and a loud trumpeting call. It has been introduced widely in Britain and elsewhere

Lower Canada British & World English

The mainly French-speaking region of Canada around the lower St Lawrence River, in what is now southern Quebec

Upper Canada British & World English

The mainly English-speaking region of Canada north of the Great Lakes and west of the Ottawa River, in what is now southern Ontario

Canada thistle British & World English

The European creeping or field thistle, which has become naturalized as a serious weed in North America

Order of Canada British & World English

An order instituted in 1967 to honour Canadians for outstanding achievement and divided into three classes: Companion (CC), Officer (OC), and Member (CM)

Trans-Canada Highway British & World English

A route, 4,860 miles (7,820 km) long, between Victoria in British Columbia and Saint John’s in Newfoundland

Liberal Party of Canada British & World English

A Canadian political party generally taking a moderate, left-of-centre position. The party emerged in the mid 19th century, and held power for most of the period 1963–84

Canada Day in Dominion Day British & World English

Former name for July 1, a national holiday observed in Canada to commemorate the formation of the Dominion in 1867. Since 1982, it has been known as Canada Day

Canada buffalo berry in buffalo berry British & World English

A North American shrub with silvery twigs and leaves and edible berries