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Celtic British & World English

Relating to the Celts or their languages, which constitute a branch of the Indo-European family and include Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Breton, Manx, Cornish, and several extinct pre-Roman languages such as Gaulish

P-Celtic British & World English

Another term for Brythonic.

Q-Celtic British & World English

Another term for Goidelic.

P-Celtic New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

another term for Brythonic

Celtic harp British & World English

Another term for clarsach.

Celtic Sea British & World English

The part of the Atlantic Ocean between southern Ireland and SW England

Celtic Church British & World English

The Christian Church in the British Isles from its foundation in the 2nd or 3rd century until its assimilation into the Roman Catholic Church (664 in England; 12th century in Wales, Scotland, and Ireland)

Celtic cross British & World English

A Latin cross with a circle round the centre

Celtic fringe British & World English

The Highland Scots, Irish, Welsh, and Cornish in relation to the rest of Britain

Celtic tiger British & World English

The Irish economy, or Ireland itself, as regarded during the period of rapid economic growth that characterized the 1990s and early 21st century