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Columba British & World English

A small and faint southern constellation (the Dove), near Canis Major. It is sometimes said to represent the dove that Noah sent out from the Ark

Columba, St British & World English

(Circa 521–97), Irish abbot and missionary. He established the monastery at Iona in circa 563 and converted the Picts to Christianity. Feast day, 9 June

Columba in wood pigeon British & World English

A large Eurasian and African pigeon with mainly grey plumage, using wing claps in display flight

Columba livia in rock dove British & World English

A mainly grey Old World pigeon that frequents coastal and inland cliffs. It is the ancestor of domestic and feral pigeons

Columba oenas in stock dove British & World English

A grey Eurasian and North African pigeon, resembling a small wood pigeon, and nesting in holes in trees