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Dakota1 British & World English

A former territory of the US, organized in 1889 into the states of North Dakota and South Dakota

Dakota2 British & World English

A member of a North American Indian people of the northern Mississippi valley and the surrounding plains

North Dakota British & World English

An agricultural state in the north central US, on the border with Canada; population 641,481 (est. 2008); capital, Bismarck. Acquired partly by the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 and partly from Britain by treaty in 1818, it became the 39th state of the US in 1889

South Dakota British & World English

A state in the north central US; population 804,194 (est. 2008); capital, Pierre. Acquired partly by the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, it became a part of the former Dakota Territory in 1861. It separated from North Dakota in 1889, becoming the 40th state of the US

the Black Hills(of Dakota) in Black Hills English-Spanish

las Black Hillscordillera de Dakota del Sur