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Dreaming British & World English

(In the mythology of some Australian Aboriginal peoples) Dreamtime or Alcheringa, especially as manifested in the natural world and celebrated in ritual

dream British & World English

Experience dreams during sleep

dreaming spires British & World English

A name for the city of Oxford

daydream British & World English

Indulge in a daydream

dream something up in dream British & World English

Imagine or invent something

dream something up British & World English

Imagine or invent something

impossible dream British & World English

A highly desirable yet seemingly unattainable goal or aspiration

Dreamtime New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

(among Australian Aboriginals) the golden age or Alcheringa

stop dreaming! in dream English-Spanish

¡baja de las nubes!

you're dreaming your life away in away English-Spanish

se te está yendo la vida en sueños

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