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Europe British & World English

A continent of the northern hemisphere, separated from Africa to the south by the Mediterranean Sea and from Asia to the east roughly by the Bosporus, the Caucasus Mountains, and the Ural Mountains. Europe contains approximately 20 per cent of the world’s population

Europe, Council of British & World English

An association of European states founded in 1949 to safeguard the political and cultural heritage of Europe and promote economic and social cooperation. One of the Council’s principal achievements is the European Convention on Human Rights

Eastern Europe British & World English

The portion of the European landmass that lies east of Germany and the Alps and west of the Ural Mountains. It includes the former Eastern bloc countries of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia (formerly as Czechoslovakia), Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria, as well as the Baltic republics of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, and the former Soviet republics of Belarus and Ukraine, along with Russia west of the Urals

Europe English-Spanish

Europa feminine

Central Europe English-Spanish

Europa feminine Central

Europe, Council of New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

association of European states founded in 1949

Council of Europe English-Spanish

the Council of Europe

Union of Industrial and Employers’ Confederations of Europe English-Spanish

Unión feminine de Industrias de la Comunidad Europea

Central Europe in Europe English-Spanish

Europa Central, Centroeuropa

northern Europe in northern English-Spanish

Europa, el Norte de Europa

southern Europe in southern English-Spanish

Europa, el Sur de Europa

Western/Eastern Europe in Europe English-Spanish

Europa Occidental/Oriental

Renaissance Europe/Italy in Renaissance English-Spanish

la Europa/la Italia renacentista

we did Europe last year in do English-Spanish

el año pasado recorrimos Europa

she's really big in Europe in big English-Spanish

es muy conocida, tiene mucho éxito en Europa

the plague spread to Europe in spread English-Spanish

la plaga se extendió a Europa

the movie went over big in Europe in big English-Spanish

la película tuvo un gran éxito

one of the oldest cities in Europe in one English-Spanish

una de las ciudades más antiguas de Europa

this will affect Europe as a whole in whole English-Spanish

esto va a afectar a Europa en su totalidad

Europe was astir with the new ideas in astir English-Spanish

Europa bullía con las nuevas ideas

this species is found all over Europe in find English-Spanish

esta especie se encuentra en toda Europa

her family is dotted about all over Europe in dot English-Spanish

su familia está desperdigada por toda Europa

I'll be in Europe from June 20 to 29 in from English-Spanish

voy a estar en Europa desde el 20 hasta el 29 de junio

the events which precipitated Europe into war in precipitate English-Spanish

los hechos que precipitaron el estallido de la guerra en Europa

they went on a tour of o around Europe in tour English-Spanish

se fueron de gira, se fueron a recorrer Europa

she was famous throughout Europe/the world in throughout English-Spanish

era famosa en toda Europa/en todo el mundo

the company has launched ventures in Europe in venture English-Spanish

la compañía ha emprendido operaciones en Europa

the focus of attention has shifted to Europe in shift English-Spanish

el foco de atención ha pasado a Europa

tobacco was introduced (in)to Europe in the 16th century in introduce English-Spanish

el tabaco se introdujo en Europa en el siglo XVI

Japan is our next most important market after Europe in next English-Spanish

después de Europa, Japón es nuestro mercado más importante

I had to pay out a lot of money to fly to Europe in pay English-Spanish

me gasté un dineral en el vuelo a Europa

I had to pay out a lot of money to fly to Europe in pay out English-Spanish

me gasté un dineral en el vuelo a Europa

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