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French British & World English

Relating to France or its people or language

french heel British & World English

A high, curved heel on a woman’s shoe

French, Daniel Chester British & World English

(1850–1931), US sculptor. Among his works are the statue of the Minute Man, unveiled 1875 at Concord, Massachusetts, and the seated figure of Abraham Lincoln, completed 1922, in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC

French in marigold British & World English

A plant of the daisy family with yellow, orange, or copper-brown flowers, cultivated as an ornamental

French 75 British & World English

A piece of field artillery with a calibre of 75 mm, particularly associated with the French army.

French bed British & World English

A bed with a high, S-scrolled headboard and footboard.

French bit British & World English

Woodworking a boring tool with a flat blade curved at the two cutting edges, frequently used in a lathe.

French blue British & World English

Artificial ultramarine.

French fact British & World English

(With the) the francophone community and culture considered as a distinct component of Canadian society, especially with regard to bilingualism; also in extended use, with reference to other places having French cultural or linguistic heritage.

French 'flu British & World English

Excessive fondness for all things French (an expression first used by Arthur Koestler and used chiefly with allusion to him).

French harp British & World English

United States regional (chiefly southern). A harmonica.

French hem British & World English

A style of hem used to edge flounces.

French hood British & World English

A women's headdress in a style regarded as French; specifically one of the 16th and 17th centuries, consisting of a bow-shaped front piece contoured to the head and almost covering the ears, from which a cloth tippet fell, covering the neck and upper back. Now historical.

French-like British & World English

That is like the French in style, character, manners, organization, etc.; that is like the French people.

French lock1 British & World English

A lock of hair worn longer than the rest and arranged so as to hang forward over one shoulder.

French lock2 British & World English

Firearms. Originally: a true flintlock, having a wholly interior mechanism, opposed to the earlier English lock, where the catch for the cock must be screwed on. Later also: any type of gun lock manufactured in France. Now chiefly historical.

French maid British & World English

A lady's maid of French origin, frequently employed in the Victorian and Edwardian eras as a status symbol, and more recently also considered as an object of sexual interest, with reference to the characteristic costume of such maids.

French nut British & World English

A walnut, the fruit of the walnut tree; usually in plural.

French pink1 British & World English

A yellow lake colour derived from the berries of species of Rhamnus.

French pink2 British & World English

US the cornflower, Centaurea cyanus.

French plum British & World English

The fruit of a variety of plum (Prunus domestica), dried and exported from France; a prune.

French rose British & World English

Any of numerous varieties of the southern and central European rose Rosa gallica, formerly used medicinally and now chiefly cultivated for its flowers.

French salt British & World English

Sea salt from France.

French-sick British & World English

Affected with syphilis; also used punningly.

French sole British & World English

Any of several edible flatfishes, as the lemon sole, Microstomus kitt, the sand sole, Pegusa lascaris, and (North American) the arrowtooth flounder, Atheresthes stomias.

French tack British & World English

A permanent link made of thread which holds two sections of a garment (usually fabric and lining) loosely together while allowing some independent movement.

French tip British & World English

A white band painted across the end of a fingernail, especially as part of a French manicure.

menu French British & World English

Basic French of the kind used on restaurant menus; a knowledge of French to this level.

core French British & World English

(In Canada) a program of French instruction in English-speaking schools

Free French British & World English

An organization of French troops and volunteers in exile formed under General de Gaulle in 1940. Based in London, the movement organized forces that opposed the Axis powers in French Equatorial Africa, Lebanon, and elsewhere, and cooperated with the French Resistance

French bean British & World English

A tropical American bean plant of which many varieties are commercially cultivated

French cuff British & World English

A shirt cuff that is folded back before fastening, creating a double-layered cuff

French-cut British & World English

(Of women’s knickers) cut high in the leg

French horn British & World English

A brass instrument with a coiled tube, valves, and a wide bell, developed from the simple hunting horn in the 17th century. It is played with the right hand in the bell to soften the tone and increase the range of available harmonics

French kiss British & World English

A kiss with contact between tongues

French knot British & World English

(In embroidery) a stitch in which the thread is wound around the needle, which is then passed back through the fabric at almost the same point to form a small dot

French loaf British & World English

A loaf of French bread

French roll British & World English

A woman’s hairstyle in which the hair is tucked into a vertical roll down the back of the head

French seam British & World English

A seam with the raw edges enclosed

Old French British & World English

The French language up to circa 1400

French berry British & World English

The dried unripe fruit of any of various buckthorns (genus Rhamnus), used as the source of a yellow dye; also called Avignon berry.

French boiler British & World English

A form of steam boiler consisting of one or more heated water cylinders lying side by side and connected by vertical pipes to a larger steam cylinder above them.

French brace British & World English

Woodworking a brace and bit drill on which the user applies pressure from the chest while drilling; compare breast-drill.

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