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Georgia British & World English

A country in the Caucasus of SW Asia, on the eastern shore of the Black Sea; population 4,615,800 (est. 2009); languages, Georgian (official), Russian, and Armenian; capital, Tbilisi

Georgia, Strait of British & World English

An ocean passage between Vancouver Island and the mainland of British Columbia and Washington

New Georgia British & World English

A group of islands in the Solomon Islands, north-west of Guadalcanal

South Georgia British & World English

A British overseas territory in the South Atlantic, a barren island situated 1,120 km (700 miles) east of the Falkland Islands. It was first explored in 1775 by Captain James Cook, who named the island after George III

O'Keeffe, Georgia British & World English

(1887–1986), American painter. Her best-known paintings depict enlarged studies, particularly of flowers, and are often regarded as being sexually symbolic (for example Black Iris, 1926)

the Georgia Peach in Cobb, Ty British & World English

(1886–1961), US baseball player; full name Tyrus Raymond Cobb; also known as the Georgia Peach. His lifetime batting average (.367) is the highest in major league history. An outfielder, he played for the Detroit Tigers 1905–26 and the Philadelphia Athletics 1927–28. Baseball Hall of Fame (1936)