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German British & World English

A native or inhabitant of Germany, or a person of German descent

East German British & World English

Specifically. A native or inhabitant of the German Democratic Republic (1949–90), or the area corresponding to this.

German band British & World English

A group of musicians playing chiefly brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments in a loosely traditional Bavarian style with a heavy and emphatic rhythm from the bass instrument, now often a sousaphone.

German gold British & World English

An imitation gold leaf; specifically = Dutch foil Dutch gold.

German iris British & World English

Any of numerous cultivated varieties of bearded iris (now usually thought to be of hybrid origin, but sometimes regarded as a distinct species, Iris germanica).

German ivy British & World English

Any of several yellow-flowered creeping plants of or formerly included in the genus Senecio; specifically Delairea odorata (formerly S. mikanioides), a native of South Africa with ivy-shaped leaves, which has become an invasive weed in North America and other areas.

German mile British & World English

Any of several measures of distance (typically between 4 and 5 English miles) used in German-speaking countries.

German sock British & World English

A thick woollen sock.

German text British & World English

An elaborate script, derived from German examples but employed in English documents for its ornamental value.

West German British & World English

Historical. Of or relating to the western parts of ancient Germanic-speaking Europe.

High German British & World English

The standard literary and spoken form of German, originally used in the highlands in the south of Germany. The establishment of this form as a standard language owes much to the biblical translations of Martin Luther in the 16th century

Low German British & World English

A vernacular language spoken in much of northern Germany, more closely related to Dutch than to standard German

pan-German British & World English

Relating to or advocating pan-Germanism

Anglo-German British & World English

Of, relating to, or involving England (or Britain) and Germany.

German bezoar British & World English

A small stony concretion from the stomach of a chamois.

German clock British & World English

Specifically an early, especially 16th- or 17th- century, clock of elaborate construction, often incorporating automata.

German collie British & World English

A type or breed of sheepdog developed in Australia, typically having erect ears and a short blue or red merle coat, often with some white around the neck and shoulders.

German flute British & World English

A transverse flute.

German millet British & World English

A coarse variety of foxtail millet, Setaria italica.

German Ocean British & World English

The sea to the east of Great Britain, the North Sea.

German paste British & World English

A mixture of seeds, fat, and other ingredients used to feed birds.

German sixth British & World English

A chord consisting of a note (usually the flattened sixth degree of the scale) with its major third, fifth, and augmented sixth.

German steel British & World English

Steel made directly from siderite.

German stitch British & World English

An embroidery stitch alternating tapestry and tent stitches; now called mosaic stitch.

German tinder British & World English

A felt-like material prepared from the fruiting bodies of Fomes fomentarius and certain other fungi, used especially as tinder (usually after having been soaked in saltpetre); = amadou. Now historical.

German watch British & World English

An early watch, especially of the 16th- or 17th-cent., with an elaborate case.

Middle German British & World English

The dialects of middle Germany, geographically and linguistically intermediate between Low and High German, collectively.

philo-German British & World English

Supportive of or favouring Germans; pro-German.

Russo-German British & World English

Of, relating to, or involving Russia and Germany; of mixed Russian and German origin.

cousin-german British & World English

Old-fashioned term for cousin.

German Bight British & World English

A shipping forecast area covering the eastern North Sea off the northern Netherlands, Germany, and southern Denmark

German Empire British & World English

An empire in German-speaking central Europe, created by Bismarck in 1871 after the Franco-Prussian War by the union of twenty-five German states under the Hohenzollern king of Prussia

German silver British & World English

A white alloy of nickel, zinc, and copper

German wagon British & World English

An open horse-drawn wagon of simple construction

sister-german British & World English

A sister sharing both parents with another

German-American British & World English

An American of German ancestry.

German process British & World English

Any of various industrial or technical processes originating (or thought to originate) in Germany; (Metallurgy) the process of reducing copper ore in a blast furnace after it has been roasted.

German sausage British & World English

A type of sausage made from pork, alone or combined with beef or veal, often pre-dried or smoked to aid preservation, seasoned with herbs and spices, and boiled.

German sheepdog British & World English

Any of various types of dog used for herding and protecting sheep in Germany; (in later use) specifically a German shepherd or German collie.

German tamarisk British & World English

A European shrub closely related to the tamarisks (genus Tamarix), Myricaria germanica (family Tamaricaceae), having glaucous leaves, upright branches, and pale pink flowers.

German vitriol British & World English

A mixture of iron and copper sulphates.

brother-german British & World English

A brother sharing both parents, as opposed to a half-brother or stepbrother

German measles British & World English

A contagious viral disease, with symptoms like mild measles. It can cause fetal malformation if caught in early pregnancy

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