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Hemichordata British & World English

A small phylum of marine invertebrates that comprises the acorn worms

Hemichordata in acorn worm British & World English

A burrowing worm-like marine animal of shallow waters. Its body consists of a proboscis, a collar, and a long trunk with gill slits, and contains a structure resembling a notochord

Hemichordata in graptolite British & World English

A fossil marine invertebrate animal of the Palaeozoic era, forming mainly planktonic colonies and believed to be related to the pterobranchs

Hemichordata in hemichordate British & World English

A marine invertebrate of the phylum Hemichordata; an acorn worm

Hemichordata in pterobranch British & World English

A minute tube-dwelling colonial acorn worm found chiefly in deep water