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Hexapoda British & World English

A class of six-legged arthropods that comprises the insects. The name is used as another term for Insecta, especially when the primitive apterygotes are not considered to be true insects

Hexapoda in Apterygota British & World English

A group of insects which includes the bristletails and springtails, having a primitive body form without wings and no distinct larval stage

Hexapoda in Diplura British & World English

An order of small primitive wingless insects which resemble the true bristletails but have two bristles at the end of the abdomen

Hexapoda in hexapod British & World English

A six-legged arthropod belonging to the class Hexapoda

Hexapoda in Protura British & World English

An order of minute white wingless insects with slender bodies. They lack eyes and antennae, using the first pair of legs as sensory organs

Hexapoda in Pterygota British & World English

A large group of insects that comprises those that have wings or winged ancestors, including the majority of modern species