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Higher British & World English

(In Scotland) the more advanced of the two main levels of the Scottish Certificate of Education

high British & World English

Of great vertical extent

higher-up British & World English

A senior person in an organization

higher law British & World English

A moral or religious principle that is believed to overrule secular constitutions and laws

higher court British & World English

A court that can overrule the decision of another

higher-grade British & World English

Of a higher quality, standard, or level in a hierarchy

higher-level British & World English

At or of a level that is higher in position or status

higher-order British & World English

Involving reasoning of a high level

higher plants British & World English

Plants of relatively complex or advanced characteristics, especially vascular plants (including flowering plants)

higher animals British & World English

Animals of relatively advanced or developed characteristics, such as mammals and other vertebrates

higher learning British & World English

Education and learning at the college or university level

higher-ranking British & World English

Having a higher rank or position in a particular hierarchy

higher criticism British & World English

The study of the literary methods and sources discernible in a text, especially as applied to biblical writings

higher education British & World English

Education at universities or similar educational establishments, especially to degree level

higher mathematics British & World English

Advanced mathematics, such as number theory and topology, as taught at university level

Higher New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

Scottish school examination

higher English-Spanish

→ comp of high

Higher English-Spanish

→ Higher Grade

higher-up English Thesaurus

he gave staff a vacation without getting approval from higher-ups

higher-up English-Spanish

the higher-ups

higher court English-Spanish

alto tribunal

Higher Grade English-Spanish

estudios de una asignatura a nivel de bachillerato superior

higher education English-Spanish

enseñanza feminine superior

the water crept higher in creep English-Spanish

el agua iba subiendo poco a poco

they built ever higher in high English-Spanish

construían cada vez más alto

as we mounted higher in mount English-Spanish

a medida que subíamos

a fraction higher/lower in fraction English-Spanish

ligeramente superior/inferior

they were agitating for higher wages in agitate English-Spanish

luchaban por obtener mejoras salariales

a center of learning/higher education in center English-Spanish

un centro de enseñanza/educación superior

it will command a higher price in command English-Spanish

alcanzará un precio más alto

he comes no higher than my waist in come English-Spanish

no me llega (ni) a la cintura

the shortage is driving prices higher in drive English-Spanish

la escasez está haciendo subir los precios

it appeals to man's higher feelings in feeling English-Spanish

apela a los sentimientos más elevados del hombre

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