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Italy British & World English

A country in southern Europe; population 58,126,200 (est. 2009); official language, Italian; capital, Rome

Young Italy British & World English

A movement founded by Giuseppe Mazzini in 1831 to work towards a united Italian republic. In the 1830s and 1840s the movement plotted against the Italian governments. It failed to gain popular support but was nevertheless a significant stimulus to the Risorgimento

Italy English-Spanish

Italia f

the toe of Italy in Italy English-Spanish

la punta de la bota

Renaissance Europe/Italy in renaissance English-Spanish

la Europa/la Italia renacentista

floods in southern Italy in southern English-Spanish

inundaciones en el sur de Italia

the truck was bound for Italy in bound English-Spanish

el camión iba rumbo a Italia

the highest mountain in Italy in in English-Spanish

la montaña más alta de Italia

both Paul and John are in Italy in both English-Spanish

tanto Paul como John están en Italia, Paul y John están los dos en Italia

Italy went down 2-1 to Uruguay in go down English-Spanish

Italia perdió 2 a 1 frente a Uruguay

Italy went down 2-1 to Uruguay in go English-Spanish

Italia perdió 2 a 1 frente a Uruguay

we'll be in Italy over the summer in over English-Spanish

pasaremos el verano en Italia

Italy has been drawn to play France in draw English-Spanish

a Italia le ha tocado en el sorteo jugar contra Francia

we were filming on location in Italy in location English-Spanish

estábamos rodando los exteriores en Italia

I divide my time between England and Italy in divide English-Spanish

paso parte del tiempo en Inglaterra y parte en Italia

we were soon winging our way to Italy in wing English-Spanish

poco tiempo después estábamos camino a Italia

he advanced across Italy sweeping all before him in sweep English-Spanish

cruzaba Italia arrasando (con) todo a su paso

we're going to Italy, always supposing we have enough money in always English-Spanish

vamos a ir a Italia, siempre y cuando nos alcance el dinero