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La Niña British & World English

A cooling of the water in the equatorial Pacific, which occurs at irregular intervals, and is associated with widespread changes in weather patterns complementary to those of El Niño, but less extensive and damaging in their effects

La Niña New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

irregular changes in weather patterns of the equatorial Pacific, complementary to those of El Niño

La Niña English-Spanish

La Niña

la niña ya anda in andar Spanish-English

the little girl's already walking

¿la niña Lupita va a cenar en casa? in niño Spanish-English

will Miss Lupita be dining in this evening?

tengo que llevar a la niña al dentista in niño Spanish-English

I have to take Pilar (, I have to take my daughter to the dentist

no le metas esas ideas en la cabeza a la niña in meter Spanish-English

don't put ideas like that into her head, don't go giving her ideas like that

la policía investiga la desaparición de una niña de ocho años in desaparición Spanish-English

the police are investigating the disappearance of an eight-year-old girl

mi mujer es muy habilidosa, le hace toda la ropa a la niña in habilidoso Spanish-English

my wife is very good with her hands, she makes all our daughter's clothes

es el clásico caso de la niña pobre que se casa con un hombre rico in clásico Spanish-English

it's the classic case of the poor girl who marries a rich man