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Levi British & World English

(In the Bible) a Hebrew patriarch, son of Jacob and Leah (Gen. 29:34)

Levi, Primo British & World English

(1919–87), Italian novelist and poet, of Jewish descent. His experiences as a survivor of Auschwitz are recounted in his first book If This is a Man (1947)

Levi in Levi's British & World English

A brand of denim jeans

Levi's British & World English

A brand of denim jeans

Strauss, Levi British & World English

(C.1829–1902), US manufacturer; born in Germany. He established Levi Strauss & Company in 1850 to sell pants made of tent canvas to gold miners. He eventually switched to denim cloth and made the work pants that became known as blue jeans or “Levi.”

Woodbury, Levi British & World English

(1789–1851), US Supreme Court associate justice 1846–51. Before being appointed to the Court by President Polk, he served as the governor of New Hampshire 1823–24 and as a US senator 1825–31, 1841–45

Lévi-Strauss, Claude British & World English

(1908–2009), French social anthropologist. A pioneer in the use of a structuralist analysis to study cultural systems, he regarded language as an essential common denominator underlying cultural phenomena