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Lycopsida British & World English

A class of pteridophyte plants that comprises the clubmosses and their extinct relatives

Lycopsida in clubmoss British & World English

A low-growing flowerless plant that resembles a large moss, having branching stems with undivided leaves

Lycopsida in lycopod British & World English

A clubmoss, especially a lycopodium. Giant lycopods the size of trees were common in the Carboniferous period

Lycopsida in Pteridophyta British & World English

A division of flowerless green plants that comprises the ferns and their relatives

Lycopsida in quillwort British & World English

A plant related to the clubmosses, with a dense rosette of long slender leaves, the bases of which contain the spore-producing organs, occurring typically as a submerged aquatic

Lycopsida in spikemoss British & World English

A chiefly tropical creeping clubmoss which has branching stems with hair-like spines on the leaf margins, small spore-bearing cones, and typically a mat-like growth

Lycopsida in stigmaria British & World English

A fossilized root of a giant lycopod, common in Carboniferous coal measures