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Madrid British & World English

The capital of Spain; population 3,213,271 (2008). Situated on a high plateau in the centre of the country, it replaced Valladolid as capital in 1561

Madrid English-Spanish

Madrid masculine

Madrid Spanish-English


aquí Madrid in aquí Spanish-English

this is Madrid, Madrid calling

the Madrid scene in scene English-Spanish

la movida madrileña

he's based in Madrid in base English-Spanish

tiene su base en Madrid

Madrid y sus cercanías in cercanía Spanish-English

Madrid and its environs, Madrid and the surrounding area

Madrid-Londres son dos horas de vuelo in vuelo Spanish-English

it is a two-hour flight from Madrid to London, it takes two hours to fly from Madrid to London

we're through to Madrid in through English-Spanish

nos han conectado con Madrid

lo fichó el Real Madrid in fichar Spanish-English

he was signed (up) by Real Madrid

during our stay in Madrid in stay English-Spanish

durante nuestra estadía en Madrid, durante nuestra estancia en Madrid

en las afueras de Madrid in afueras Spanish-English

on the outskirts of Madrid

places to visit around Madrid in around English-Spanish

lugares para visitar alrededor de Madrid

el Open de Golf de Madrid in open Spanish-English

the Madrid Open (golf tournament)

vive en los alrededores de Madrid in alrededores Spanish-English

she lives in the outskirts of Madrid

Madrid a estas horas es un agobio in agobio Spanish-English

at this time of day Madrid is a real nightmare

the arrival of the flight from Madrid in from English-Spanish

la llegada del vuelo procedente de Madrid

a week ago today we were still in Madrid in ago English-Spanish

hace (exactamente) una semana estábamos aún en Madrid

el tren cubría el trayecto Madrid-Barcelona in trayecto Spanish-English

the train was traveling between Madrid and Barcelona

next to Madrid, Barcelona is Spain's biggest city in next English-Spanish

después de Madrid, Barcelona es la ciudad más grande de España

se estrenó simultáneamente en varias salas de Madrid in sala Spanish-English

it opened simultaneously in several Madrid movie theaters

la revista celebró su aniversario con sendas fiestas en Madrid y Barcelona in sendos Spanish-English

the magazine celebrated its anniversary with parties in both Madrid and Barcelona