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Muhammad Ali1 British & World English

(1769–1849), Ottoman viceroy and pasha of Egypt 1805–49, possibly of Albanian descent. He modernized Egypt’s infrastructure, making it the leading power in the eastern Mediterranean, and established a dynasty that survived until 1952

Muhammad Ali2 British & World English

(B.1942), American boxer; born Cassius Marcellus Clay. He won the world heavyweight title in 1964, 1974, and 1978, becoming the only boxer to be world champion three times

Jinnah, Muhammad Ali British & World English

(1876–1948), Indian statesman and founder of Pakistan. He headed the Muslim League in its struggle with the Hindu-oriented Indian National Congress over Indian independence, and in 1947 he became the first Governor General and President of Pakistan

Mirza Ali Muhammad in Babism British & World English

A religion founded in 1844 by the Persian Mirza Ali Muhammad of Shiraz (1819–50) (popularly known as ‘the Bab’), who taught that a new prophet would follow Muhammad

Sidi Muhammad ibn Ali es-Senussi in Senussi British & World English

A member of a North African Muslim religious fraternity founded in 1837 by Sidi Muhammad ibn Ali es-Senussi (d.1859)