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Neapolitan British & World English

A native or inhabitant of Naples

Neapolitan ice British & World English

= Neapolitan ice cream.

Neapolitan song British & World English

A genre of song, particularly popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, which blends the popular, vernacular style of Neapolitan folk music with the more stylized traditions of the art song; a song in this genre.

Neapolitan mastiff British & World English

A breed of mastiff native to Italy which is often used as a guard dog.

Neapolitan sixth British & World English

A chord consisting of the first inversion of the major triad built on the flattened supertonic.

Neapolitan system British & World English

A one-club system devised principally by the Italian (Neapolitan) bridge champion, Eugenio Chiaradia (1917–77).

Neapolitan violet British & World English

A sweet-scented double variety of viola; a Parma violet.

Neapolitan mandolin British & World English

The original and more common type of mandolin (usually referred to without qualification as a mandolin), having four (or occasionally five) pairs of strings which fasten at the lower end of its body, and a neck which is attached to its body rather than being a continuation of it.

Neapolitan ice cream British & World English

Ice cream made in layers of different colours