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Norwich British & World English

A city in eastern England, the county town of Norfolk; population 171,500 (est. 2009)

Norwich stuff British & World English

A textile fabric manufactured, or as manufactured, in Norwich. Now historical.

Norwich School British & World English

An English regional school of landscape painting associated with John Sell Cotman and John Crome

Norwich terrier British & World English

A small thickset terrier of a breed with a rough red or black-and-tan coat and pricked ears

Julian of Norwich British & World English

(Circa 1342-circa 1413), English mystic. She is said to have lived as a recluse outside St Julian’s Church, Norwich. She is chiefly associated with the Revelations of Divine Love (circa 1393), a description of a series of visions she had in which she depicts the Holy Trinity as Father, Mother, and Lord