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Nubian British & World English

Relating to Nubia, its people, or their language

Nubian goat British & World English

A breed of goat distinguished by a convex profile, large pendulous ears, short hair, and long legs, probably of both North African and Indian origin; a goat of this breed; (now also) an Anglo-Nubian goat.

Anglo-Nubian British & World English

A goat of a coloured breed with a short glossy coat and lop ears, kept for its rich milk

Nubian giraffe British & World English

A giraffe of the nominate subspecies Giraffa camelopardis camelopardis, of East Africa.

Nubian woodpecker British & World English

An East African woodpecker, Campethera nubica, which has a spotted breast, a yellowish tail, and (in the male) a red crown.