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OK1 British & World English

Used to express agreement or acceptance

OK2 British & World English

Oklahoma (in official postal use)

OK English Thesaurus

OK, I'll go with him

A-OK British & World English

In good order or condition; all right

OK yah British & World English

In representations or imitation of upper or upper-middle-class speech (originally that of ‘Sloane Rangers’): yes. Also as noun: an utterance of this.

OK-ness British & World English

The fact or quality of being OK; acceptability.

OK sign British & World English

A mark of ‘OK’, or other sign indicating that something is satisfactory; specifically a gesture made by forming the thumb and index finger into a circle with the remaining fingers raised and spread, signifying understanding, agreement, approval, etc., or that the signaller is all right.

yah1 British & World English

Yes (used in representations of British upper-class speech)