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orange British & World English

A large round juicy citrus fruit with a tough bright reddish-yellow rind

Orange1 British & World English

A town in southern France, on the Rhône, home of the ancestors of the Dutch royal house

Orange2 British & World English

Relating to the Orange Order

Orange, House of British & World English

The Dutch royal house, originally a princely dynasty of the principality centred on the town of Orange in the 16th century

East Orange British & World English

A city in northeastern New Jersey, northwest of Newark; population 65,390 (est. 2008)

orange book British & World English

British a report of the former Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries dealing with marketing questions and published in orange covers (now historical).

orange box British & World English

A wooden box used to carry (formerly also: †in which to cultivate) oranges.

orange chip British & World English

A slice of orange peel prepared for eating, usually by being dried or candied.

Orange Day British & World English

= Orangeman's Day.

orange dog British & World English

The larva of the giant swallowtail butterfly, Papilio cresphontes, which feeds on the foliage of orange and other citrus trees.

orange dove British & World English

A Fijian dove, Ptilinopus victor, of which the male is bright orange with a greenish head and the female dark green.

orange fly British & World English

Angling. A fly with an orange body and black wings, used as bait; an artificial fly imitating this. Now rare.

orange gum British & World English

An Australian tree, Angophora lanceolata (family Myrtaceae), allied to the eucalypts.

orange leaf British & World English

The leaf of the orange tree.

orange lily British & World English

A European lily, Lilium bulbiferum, with orange-red flowers, especially its var. croceum, the form most often cultivated, which has light orange flowers.

orange mint British & World English

A mint smelling of oranges or orange blossom; (originally, perhaps) †a variety of wild mint, Mentha aquatica (obsolete); (now) bergamot mint, M.× piperita var. citrata.

orange moth British & World English

A Eurasian geometrid moth, Angerona prunaria, the males of which have speckled orange wings.

orange oil British & World English

An essential oil obtained from the rind of the orange.

orange-red British & World English

A shade of red approaching orange.

orange-root British & World English

A North American plant, goldenseal, Hydrastis canadensis, whose root yields an orange-yellow dye.

orange skin1 British & World English

The rind of an orange; orange peel.

mock orange British & World English

A bushy shrub of north temperate regions, which is cultivated for its strongly scented white flowers, the perfume of which resembles orange blossom

orange peel British & World English

The skin of an orange

orange tip British & World English

A cream-coloured butterfly of both Eurasia and North America, the male (and sometimes the female) of which has orange tips to the forewings

West Orange British & World English

A suburban township in northeastern New Jersey, northwest of Newark; population 42,617 (est. 2008)

à l'orange British & World English

Prepared or served with orange slices or peel, or with an orange-flavoured sauce. Frequently as postpositive in the names of dishes, especially in duck à l'orange.

methyl orange British & World English

An orange crystalline dye that is the sodium salt of the azo compound of dimethylaniline and sulphanilic acid and is chiefly used as an acid–base indicator, changing from red to yellow-orange over a pH range of 3.1 to 4.4; (CH3)2NC6H4NNC6H4SO3Na.

native orange British & World English

Any of several Australian shrubs or small trees bearing edible globular orange fruits, especially species of orange-thorn (genus Citriobatus, family Pittosporaceae) and wild caper (genus Capparis, family Capparaceae) (also native orange tree); the fruit of any of these trees.

Orange Badge British & World English

An orange windscreen badge displayed by a disabled driver indicating that he or she is entitled to a relaxation of normal parking restrictions.

orange brandy British & World English

Brandy flavoured with orange peel.

orange butter British & World English

(Formerly) †cream flavoured with orange juice, beaten to the thickness of butter (obsolete); (in later use) butter flavoured with orange rind.

orange colour British & World English

The colour of a ripe orange; = orange; (also) a pigment, dye, etc., of this colour. Also attributive or as adjective: = orange-coloured.

Orange County British & World English

A county in southwestern California, between Los Angeles and San Diego; population 3,010,759 (est. 2008)

orange cowrie British & World English

A large cowrie of the Pacific area, Cypraea aurantium, with an orange shell; also called golden cowrie.

orange crate British & World English

A crate used to transport oranges; (in extended use) an aeroplane of obsolescent design (Services' slang).

orange flower British & World English

The white flower of the orange tree; = orange blossom.

orange grass British & World English

A small St John's wort, Hypericum gentianoides, of eastern North America, having tiny yellow flowers and scale-like leaves; also called nit-weed, pine-weed.

orange jelly British & World English

A jelly flavoured with orange juice and orange peel.

orange maggot British & World English

A fruit-fly larva that infests oranges, specifically (more fully Mexican orange maggot) that of Trypeta ludens (family Tephritidae).

Orange parade British & World English

= Orange procession.

Orange People British & World English

Members of a former cult known chiefly for its belief in sexual freedom, led by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (d. 1990) and so named because of their orange robes.

orange roughy British & World English

An edible roughy, much prized for its white flesh. Found in deep waters of temperate oceans worldwide, its reddish body turns orange after being exposed to air

orange sallow British & World English

A Eurasian noctuid moth, Xanthia citrago, with yellow to orange-red forewings.

orange-tawny British & World English

A yellowish-brown colour.

orange thorn British & World English

Any of several Australian thorny shrubs constituting the genus Citriobatus (family Pittosporaceae), which bear an edible berry resembling a small orange in appearance, especially C. pauciflorus; also called native orange.

orange-yellow British & World English

Of a shade of yellow approaching orange.

Quito orange British & World English

The fruit of the naranjilla, Solanum quitoense.

Agent Orange British & World English

A defoliant chemical used by the US in the Vietnam War

bitter orange British & World English

Another term for Seville orange.

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