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Paramount British & World English

A US film production and distribution company established in 1912. A major studio of the silent era, Paramount acted as an outlet for many of the films of Cecil B. de Mille and helped to create stars such as Mary Pickford and Rudolf Valentino

paramount British & World English

More important than anything else; supreme

paramount English Thesaurus

the safety of the staff is paramount

lady paramount British & World English

A woman in supreme authority; (now chiefly Archery) a woman appointed to present the prizes at the end of a tournament, and (in some cases) to act as supreme arbiter in any disputes which arise.

lord paramount British & World English

An overlord; (Feudal Law) a lord who grants fees to others without in turn holding a fee from anyone else (now historical). Now frequently in extended use: a person who exercises supreme power or jurisdiction.

paramount chief British & World English

An African chief of the highest order, whose authority extends over an entire district (also as a title). Also occasionally in extended use: a chief or leader of similar power or rank elsewhere in the world.