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Perissodactyla British & World English

An order of mammals that comprises the odd-toed ungulates

Perissodactyla in brontothere British & World English

A large ungulate mammal of the Eocene epoch with a horn-like bony growth on the nose

Perissodactyla in chalicothere British & World English

A large horse-like fossil mammal of the late Tertiary period, with stout claws on the toes rather than hoofs

Perissodactyla in odd-toed ungulate British & World English

A hoofed mammal of an order which includes horses, rhinoceroses, and tapirs. Mammals of this group have either one or three toes on each foot

Perissodactyla in perissodactyl British & World English

A mammal of the order Perissodactyla, such as a horse or rhinoceros