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Peru British & World English

A country in South America on the Pacific coast, traversed throughout its length by the Andes; population 29,547,000 (est. 2009); official languages, Spanish and Quechua; capital, Lima

marvel of Peru British & World English

A tropical American herbaceous plant with fragrant trumpet-shaped flowers which open late in the afternoon

Peru English-Spanish

(el) Perú

Perú Spanish-English

el Perú

Alto Perú Spanish-English

el Alto Perú

el Alto Perú in Alto Perú Spanish-English

name applied to Bolivia until its independence in 1825

valer un Perú in Perú Spanish-English

to be worth one's weight in gold

la accesión del Perú al pacto in accesión Spanish-English

the accession of Peru to the pact

un viaje lindísimo por Bolivia y Perú in lindo Spanish-English

a wonderful trip through Bolivia and Peru